Jake Flint Releases Debut Single “Cowtown”

Jake Flint Releases Debut Single “Cowtown”

Jake Flint Releases Debut Single “Cowtown”

The fans of the rising star, Oklahoma Red Dirt artist – Jake Flint will be more than happy to hear his debut single – Cowtown. Jake Flint proudly announces the release of “Cowtown” to TX/Red Dirt radio. You can buy this amazing single at iTunes.

Flint’s first album named “I’m not OK” was produced at Boohatch Studio in Ada, Oklahoma by McClure. The CD is available on Flint’s website as well as on other digital outlets.

Jake Flint is a Red Dirt songwriter/singer who lives in rural Mounds, Oklahoma. Flint was the son of a hardworking mother of the two and a wildcat oilfield man. Flint’s music is one-of-a-kind; thanks to different music influences he was exposed to when he was young. While his sister was listening to Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, David Grey, Matthews Band, and Nirvana, his father had collections from Dire Straits to Steve Earle to Guy Clark, to Townes Van Zandt.

What also makes his music authentic is the fact that he isn’t afraid to write about his feelings, acts, and experiences. This man experienced life’s ups and downs at the very young age, including losing his dad. So, he openly writes about losing, hating, loving, experimenting, missioning, breaking the law and sinning, giving his fans music that inspires and moves.

Jake’s started to play music when his father was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s Disease, so he couldn’t practice with his son. His father commissioned his friends to teach Jake how to play guitar and take him to local bluegrass festivals. Needless to say, Jake was impressed with the music he discovered, so his creativity woke up. He got inspired to write his own songs.

In addition to that, Jack discovered songwriters such as Tom Skinner, Boland, Bob Childers, McClure, and Chris Knight, finally finding his musical inspiration and launching his own songwriter/singer career.

As already mentioned, Jake recorded his first album that was produced by Mike McClure in Oklahoma. When it comes to musical style, it can be said that his music is similar to the Cross Canadian Ragweed and Great Divide. Of course, Jake wanted it that way. Jake, Mike McClure, his band fellow Taylor Reed, Jon Knudson and Flint’s good friend Cody Woody worked together and performed all the instrumentation on the record.

With all this we’ve just said, we’re sure that you can’t wait to hear his single “Cowtown”. So, what are you waiting for?